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    We use the highest quality paint and stain for all of our clients,
    while helping you choose the best colors for your project.

  • Interior Painting

    Need help finding the right color or tone?
    Our final result is always customer satisfaction.


7 Secrets for
Perfect Color

1) Whites are great for doors, trims and ceilings if you need extra light reflection. 2) Make rooms seem more spacious by brightening them up with lighter colors. 3) Darker colors are cozy and intimate but can also add a pop of color...

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The Epitome of Luxury

Cashmere Paint now takes on added luster with the introduction of a pearl finish, designed to add a luxurious pearlescent sheen to walls. "It is a very unique finish - much like looking at a pear," says Steve Revnew, vice president of product innovation, Sherwin-Williams.

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